Worth it or Worthless?


Actions Speak Louder than Words.


It has taken me some time to realize that in order to know if someone truly loves you, you need to evaluate their actions. A man or woman will show you how they feel about you even if they find it difficult to voice their feelings. People take for granted what they have and forget to show their love. This post is directed to anyone in a relationship feeling lonely, worthless, unappreciated and unloved.

Do you know that you deserve better? Is that person making you happy? Do you smile when you think of them or does your heart hurt from the painful memories? Do you feel lonely? Can you talk to that person about anything? Can you see a future with them? How is the communication? Are you constantly asking yourself why you’re with that person?

If the answer to most of those questions aren’t positive then you already know what to do. You deserve better. You do not have to settle for less. You’re in love with a fantasy and not that person. What’s making you stay is the potential of what the relationship could be. However, you need to realize that your love life doesn’t begin and end with that person. Yes, it will hurt at first. But in a few months you’ll be happy you got rid of the big bag of unhappiness dragging you down. It’s going to be okay. You are going to be okay. As a matter of fact you will be much better off. The sooner you start believing that, the faster you’ll be able to move on with your life. According to the law of attraction, positive vibes and thoughts will produce positive results.




That person may not think that you’re worth the time and effort but there’s a fabulous person out there who does. Why should we have to settle for barely good enough? Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the longer you stay in a relationship like that, the more it affects you. It  takes a toll on your self esteem and your emotional stability. Am unhealthy relationship isn’t something that you need in your life. If you try to work it out and there’s no indication of any change happening on the side of your partner, that means it’s time to go. They will say anything to make you stay or have some unpleasant parting words. However, you shouldn’t question that you’re doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first and do what’s best for you!




…and sometimes you just have to go out there and



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