This generation…smh

A few weeks ago I was at work and heard some of the older staff members talking about our generation. I figured they were referring to millennials when Logan Paul’s name was brought up. Who is Logan Paul? His relevancy to this topic is only as a horrid example of what millennials have to offer. Although, he doesn’t look that bad in comparison to Dylann Roof. Anyways, back to my coworkers. Some of their complaints included:

  • Us being in a relationship with our phones

  • Us being desensitized to violence and therefore insensitive

  • Us being unable to appreciate nature

  • Us being lazy

  • Us having terrible fashion sense

  • Us listening to horrible Music

These are gross generalizations which do not apply to me and I’m sure they also don’t apply to many others. I believe that each generation will always criticize the younger. Times are different. Hell, one lady at work complained that her kids won’t spent time with her after dinner. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard my mom say the same thing. I’m not saying that these complaints are baseless or irrelevant, I just don’t want to be lumped in with the guy recording a dead body and posting it on YouTube for his prepubescent audience to see. That’s not me and it probably isn’t you either.

They also use the term “This generation” in a bit of a derogatory fashion. It’s always “this generation” followed by a head shake or scoff. Are we that ridiculous? Are the things that we do that absurd? Yes, I’m texting and watching television, I’m eating in-front of my computer and yes I just brought my phone into the toilet. It’s coming with me everywhere I go, no ifs ands or buts. We have a physical attachment to technology which may or may not be unhealthy depending on the explosive or non-explosive phone models.

Everything is so fast paced, which is why I automatically expect the old folks to get with the program. Yes, yes, I know. My expectations are too high but a girl can only hope. However, I believe that we (generations young and old) need to work together to bridge the gap. I’m sure those old folks can teach us many things and vice versa. Basically my message to them is, give us a chance, we’re not going to end the world as you know it and stop generalizing and stereotyping us.


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