Losing Control

By the title of this post you’d probably think that I was going to start talking about something deep and emotional and blah blah

Nope, I just have a bone to pick with people on the internet. Those who literally have no self control. If that’s you then yes I’m talking about you. Do you have to turn all of your thoughts on a particular subject or image into a comment? Is it that difficult to just keep shit to yourself? Is it so hard to resist typing out your hateful thoughts and clicking send? You do realize that you probably need another outlet for those deep seethed anger issues, right? How the hell are you so ferocious online but a bitches in real life? 

Sometjmes I find it difficult to understand people’s thought process and how they get to doing some of the things they do. 

For example: 

I was just thinking about this Lil Fizz music video for his song called Lotion and I remember Monise from Love and Hip Hop LA had the starring role. She’s the mother of his son by the way. However, in the video her make up could’ve been done a little better since the bags under her eyes were very prominent. I noticed it as soon as I saw the video. But who doesn’t have bags under their eyes? Not everyone is going to look perfect 24/7. One thing I did not do was blast her publicly for her baggy eyes. However, just because I didn’t doesn’t mean others held back and let me say they were just plain mean for no god damn reason. 

So if you’re one of those people:

  • Yes I’m judging you
  • I don’t care if this makes you mad
  • Prove me right and comment 😂

Someone wise once said that if you’ve got nothing nice to say about someone then don’t say anything at all. I think it applies in some cases like these. It’s not fair for people to bottle up their anger, jealousy and insecurities and then throw it at others on the form of disgusting hateful comments. 

Okayyyy that’s my 2 cents on that topic. 

Now for the screenshots of the hateration 

1. Sunken Place

2. Heavy coon

3. Bad mama body count 

4. Not good enough 


Shut up or Shape up!


Good For You – Selena Gomez ft. Asap Rocky
I just want to look good for you.

As I listen to this song I can’t help but think about the perpetuation of the traditional female role. Here’s another song about a woman wanting to please her man and looking for his approval. What does this song say to the younger generation of girls? Should we take pride in our appearance because it will attract a man? Is that the ultimate goal in life? I say no! This song is very appealing to my ears. I actually like it but I can’t say that I support the message but it talks about the reality of our society today. Men still rule. They’re still on top. Female empowerment is that only in name. Popular culture degrades women hypersexualization. Everyday we play into the same system of inequality and then ask, “Why is it that women get paid less than men?”
I call hypocrisy when I see it and it’s everywhere. It’s in our choice of music, clothing and all our daily activities. Movements for change in our modern day society are a joke. An annual “slut walk” has no effect on the constant debasing of women. This is simply because people will go show their support and by the next day forget to implement a continual effort to affect change. To all the people who actually make a difference with their daily effort, Thank you!    To the rest of us, “Shut up or shape up”. Yes, that also applies to me also. I was just thinking. Why do I have the right to complain? I haven’t done anything to try to change it. It seems as though many of us do more talking and less action. This not only applies to gender equality but many other aspects of life. The next time you think about complaining about something Shut up or Shape up!!!!

LoLiPoPmOmEnTs 🙂

Dear Fat People…Response

If you’re reading this then you must know about the video posted by Canadian Youtuber and Comedian Nicole Arbour. If not check it out..


Well here’s my two cents. Most of us live in free countries where its okay for someone like Nicole to speak her mind. I’m not saying that her opinions aren’t offensive but it is her RIGHT to say what she wants! Its not hate speech. That being said I belive that she had good intentions but somewhere that was lost in the presentation of her opinions.

Lets be real, there are some obese people out there that live an unhealthy lifestyle and do nothing to change it by choice. They revel in it. This doesn’t include the people with mental illnesses, medical conditions and kids. But for all the others, you don’t get a free pass. Nicole isn’t the first person to have these thoughts. She just chose to share it online and of course she got a lot of backlash for it. But the problem lies in her delivery. We live in a sensitive world and many people cannot handle the blunt and honest truth. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! 😅

I’m not taking sides on this debate. I’m Switzerland!!


I already pointed out Nicole’s fault in this whole incident. Now let me get to the Internet commentators. You guys need to chill, because the same way you’re accusing Nicole of being a fat shamer or body shaming you’re shaming her too. Yes lets call it Opinion shaming. Just because she stated her opinion doesn’t give you the right to call her a bitch, whore, slut and hurl nasty insults at her. You’re being hypocritical and it honestly needs to stop. By doing that you’re no better than the person you’re attacking i.e. Nicole. I remember reading one comment which said that Nicole had no right to judge fat people.  But…excuse me do you think all those other people have the right to judge her? Do you? Its amazing how the online community can be so hypocritical sometimes.

Where’s the Positivity. There is so much negative media and negativity in general clouding this world that people never think about looking at the positives in anything including this video. Looking at something from different view points for once wouldn’t kill you.

And thats my two cents $$

LoLiPoPmoments 🙂