Home is where the heart is…

December 20th, 2016 signalled six long years since I immigrated to Canada. The day passed by without me even remembering. Six years ago, on that day, my life changed forever. Being a fourteen year old who had already formed a close bond with my group of friends and settled into high school, it was difficult to leave the place I called home. I remember being … Continue reading Home is where the heart is…

Worth it or Worthless?

  Actions Speak Louder than Words.   It has taken me some time to realize that in order to know if someone truly loves you, you need to evaluate their actions. A man or woman will show you how they feel about you even if they find it difficult to voice their feelings. People take for granted what they have and forget to show their … Continue reading Worth it or Worthless?

The time I realised the importance of sleep

  Never underestimate the the importance of sleep. Why do I say that? Because it’s now 7:45 a.m. and after waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for work I’m sitting here wishing that I went to bed earlier. I’m currently on break from school for the summer. So yes, I’ve already started my spring/summer job. One thing I’ve realized so far is that … Continue reading The time I realised the importance of sleep

Sitting on the Fence

There is a certain group of people who are the embodiment of neutrality. They see the point of both sides and choose to look for a common ground. Their resistance to picking a side can cause others to label them as cowards or indecisive. Being one of these people I’d like to present our view on things. We’re peaceful people. The world isn’t black and … Continue reading Sitting on the Fence

Shut up or Shape up!

  Good For You – Selena Gomez ft. Asap Rocky I just want to look good for you. As I listen to this song I can’t help but think about the perpetuation of the traditional female role. Here’s another song about a woman wanting to please her man and looking for his approval. What does this song say to the younger generation of girls? Should … Continue reading Shut up or Shape up!

Dear Fat People…Response

If you’re reading this then you must know about the video posted by Canadian YouTuber and Comedian Nicole Arbour. If not check it out.. https://youtu.be/CXFgNhyP4-A Well here’s my two cents. Most of us live in free countries where its okay for someone like Nicole to speak her mind. I’m not saying that her opinions aren’t offensive but it is her RIGHT to say what she … Continue reading Dear Fat People…Response