Everyday struggle

Have you ever worked really hard to get yourself to a point in your life and then ended up right back where you started? 

Well here I am, back to square one. Change isn’t something I easily accept. 

The familiar is comfortable, it’s safe but it’s also toxic. What’s toxic is being stuck in the same cycle over and over again with no progression. However, there’s always something positive in that soul sucking tornado of toxicity. That something is your strength. You’re still there. You haven’t given up. You’re still fighting, struggling, holding on for dear life. But what do you call that? Is it simply willpower, strength or something else? People are motivated by different things, competition, family, the possibily of success. Whatever your motivation is, hold onto it tightly and keep it close because one day it might just give you enough push to break through the cycle, stronger and better than ever.


Shut up or Shape up!


Good For You – Selena Gomez ft. Asap Rocky
I just want to look good for you.

As I listen to this song I can’t help but think about the perpetuation of the traditional female role. Here’s another song about a woman wanting to please her man and looking for his approval. What does this song say to the younger generation of girls? Should we take pride in our appearance because it will attract a man? Is that the ultimate goal in life? I say no! This song is very appealing to my ears. I actually like it but I can’t say that I support the message but it talks about the reality of our society today. Men still rule. They’re still on top. Female empowerment is that only in name. Popular culture degrades women hypersexualization. Everyday we play into the same system of inequality and then ask, “Why is it that women get paid less than men?”
I call hypocrisy when I see it and it’s everywhere. It’s in our choice of music, clothing and all our daily activities. Movements for change in our modern day society are a joke. An annual “slut walk” has no effect on the constant debasing of women. This is simply because people will go show their support and by the next day forget to implement a continual effort to affect change. To all the people who actually make a difference with their daily effort, Thank you!    To the rest of us, “Shut up or shape up”. Yes, that also applies to me also. I was just thinking. Why do I have the right to complain? I haven’t done anything to try to change it. It seems as though many of us do more talking and less action. This not only applies to gender equality but many other aspects of life. The next time you think about complaining about something Shut up or Shape up!!!!

LoLiPoPmOmEnTs 🙂

Trains, Racism, Body Oduor and the works



This morning as I ride my regular train on my way to class I noticed a particular occurrence which happens quite frequently. Now I’m a strong advocate of taking a shower before I leave home in the morning. It might seem ridiculous to some people but that’s how I was raised. However, I’ve noticed that many people are A) Not fond of morning showers and B) Completely oblivious to their own body odour and how it affects other people.
Now getting back to this morning’s story. So I’m on the train waiting for it to leave the station. This south Asian woman (Chanti) is sitting in her seat taking a nap like we all do when it’s too early in the morning. This Caucasian man (Mr. Bru) comes and sits next to her. Nearby, a Caucasian woman (Cynthia) sits down and there is an empty seat next to her. The train is slowly filling up at this point. The doors close and it begins to leave the station. Mr. Bru, while sitting in his seat, turns outward and away from Chanti. He looks around and takes a hold of his bag. But doesn’t get up. For a minute it seems as though he is going to stay. However, he gets up and moves a few inches over to the empty seat beside Cynthia. This isn’t my first train ride and also not the first time I’ve seen someone switch seats. However, when most people do they usually opt for an empty space so they don’t have to sit next to anyone else. Since this is not the case I have a few theories as to why Mr. Bru switched seats this morning.

He’s Racist
Ooooooooo she said the R word!! Yes, I did. You were all thinking it or maybe not who knows. So why would this Caucasian man move from his nice seat next to Chanti and sit next to Cynthia? Well, maybe he thought he would feel better being near to his own kind.

Her B.O. was off the charts
As I mentioned before y’all, people on the subway sometimes smell really badly and Mr. Bru might just have a really sensitive nose. But you might be thinking, if the smell was really the issue why did he only move a few inches away?

He’s interested in Cynthia
Mr. Bru could be Cynthia’s secret stalker who she never notices because her head is buried in her tablet. However, Cynthia hardly paid him any mind as he plopped right down next to her. If this is the case, poor Mr. Bru or poor Cynthia.

He prefers the outward facing seats.
Yes, I know this theory is a stretch but not really. If you think about it, some guys have really long legs and Mr. Bru’s previous seat did not provide a lot of leg room. Someone as short as me wouldn’t mind a seat like that because my legs are short. But I can only speak for myself. Now I would have agreed with this theory if not for the fact that the train is so crowded at this point that there is no way Mr. Bru would he able to stretch his legs while sitting in his outward facing seats. Yes we’re packed in here like sardines in a can.

We will never know why Mr. Bru switched seats this morning. However, I favour the bad B.O. theory. More times than not, that’s usually the problem. Quite ironically, as I’m writing this Mr. Bru, Chanti and I are getting off at the same subway station. However, this is where we all part ways.

LoLiPoPmOmEnTs 🙂