Being Honest

4/3/2017 – 9:30 AM   So, I just finished watching the first video posted by FouseyTube, the YouTuber in four months. Where has he been? What has he been doing? All of that doesn’t matter. That’s because the “why” was the focal point of the video. Why did he leave his fans, his channels, management companies, his profession? He has his reasons. One thing I … Continue reading Being Honest

Dear Fat People…Response

If you’re reading this then you must know about the video posted by Canadian YouTuber and Comedian Nicole Arbour. If not check it out.. Well here’s my two cents. Most of us live in free countries where its okay for someone like Nicole to speak her mind. I’m not saying that her opinions aren’t offensive but it is her RIGHT to say what she … Continue reading Dear Fat People…Response

Review – Youtube Channels

Hey guys so we all know that everyone is watching everything online these days….except for those people without Internet who I feel completely sorry for but envy at the same time. One of the largest sites in the world that hosts original video content is Youtube. YouTube itself is a community and as in every community there those that are well known. These are known … Continue reading Review – Youtube Channels