Acting white or acting right?

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Those of us (People of Color) who do not exhibit the stereotypical characteristics of our race and culture are accused of acting white. What does that even mean? How does being yourself mean that you’re suddenly trans-racial? Most say this jokingly, but there’s a little bit of truth behind every joke. It’s a way of telling others that they don’t fit in and that the “culture” may or may not like you for it. However, some of us are born to stand out and if that means we’re acting “white” then so be it. In other words, f**k your opinion.

Lets go through some of the actions that have gotten me labeled as acting white.

  • Saying the world “like” too often
  • Liking a particular artist or movie
  • Not enjoying certain types of music from my own culture
  • Using proper grammar
  • Being unable to understand and unwilling to use cultural slang
  • Physical mannerisms

I can go on but I’m sure you get the point.

I definitely understand why others feel so pressured to fit in, feel accepted and thereby modify their behavior, speech and sense of style accordingly. However, I’d rather not be a part of that heard of sheep.



….and maybe you should too.

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